About Emily


I am a degree qualified Nutritionist who has spent the past 8 years specialising in the use of a low carbohydrate/ketogenic diet.

I hold a BSc in Nutrition as well as a MSc in obesity Science and Management.

During my Masters studies I focused my research on The effects of a Low Carbohydrate Diet in the management of Type 2 Diabetes. I am now looking to study for my PhD in the field of Ketogenic nutrition and cancer.

Having worked with hundreds of clients on this dietary approach, I have mastered the specific technical & psychological approach of this diet.


I have used this diet in approaches ranging from weight loss through to therapeutic applications in epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis.

Most recently I completed a world tour of mentoring and shadowing key health professionals and scientists in this field.

I am a co-author of the best-selling book ‘Sugar Free: 8 Weeks to Freedom from Sugar and Carb Addiction’. As well as a contributor co-author on the new book ‘Ketogenic Diet and Metabolic Therapies’ covering the topic of a Ketogenic diet in the management of diabetes.

I regularly present at conferences around the world and feature in key mainstream publications.

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My Why

“Being conventionally trained at university I was taught to believe that it was all about calories in equals calories out, that fat was what made you fat and that sugar in moderation was ok for you. Having experienced a defining turning point where I was presented with evidence to the contrary, I began to look and start stepping outside of the box when it came to matters of nutrition.

From there I have been on a path of discovery to start shining light on the power that a low carbohydrate and ketogenic nutrition approach could have for many people within the world. Let’s face it, within the western world we are getting sicker and sicker with diseases that are caused by our lifestyle. Looking at alternative approaches could be the key in helping to combat this.”