Are These 3 Foods Causing a Weight Loss Plateau?

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If one of your goals of following a low carb diet is that of weight loss, then hitting a weight loss plateau is probably one of the most frustrating things. Even though it seems you are doing everything right and in line with the principles, your body just doesn’t seem to cooperate with you.

First thing first though, I do want to emphasise that hitting a bit of a plateau is perfectly normal. This unfortunately is just something that can happen when you are actively trying to lose weight. How long it lasts for or when it hits, will also vary from person to person.

There can be various reasons for a plateau happening (keep an eye out for future posts on this) both nutrition and non-nutrition related. Even though they are technically “allowed” on a low carb diet, these three foods can often be some of the culprits of staying in a plateau.


Dark Chocolate:

Consuming dark chocolate that is above 70% cocoa is a great lower sweet option for a low carbohydrate lifestyle.

The problem with dark chocolate is because people think they are allowed it, generally they will start to over consume on it without even realising it. Hands up for me I know that I can easily consume half a bar if not a whole bar in one day, especially when I’m travelling.

If you are someone that is adding dark chocolate into their low carb plan and you have hit a bit of a stall, start by looking at how much you are truly having. If you are consuming it in front of the TV or whilst on your phone, you may not actually even register just how much you are eating.

My advice: have around 1-2 squares per day. However, if you are looking to lose weight or are tin a weight loss plateau, then having this every other day, or once a week would be more advisable.


Nuts and Seeds:

Nuts and seeds are an amazing snack and one of my go to options for a low carb diet. However, just like with the chocolate, this one can definitely cause problems in relation to weight loss.

These foods contain an amazing amount of good fats as well as certain vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin E and potassium. However they do also carry a higher calorie content and whilst a diet should not just be focused on calories in=calories out, the overall amount in your diet will matter. Like  I have said before, if you are looking to lose weight on a low carbohydrate diet then the quality as well as the quantity does and will matter.

If you are adding in a handful of nuts at every snack time, reaching to them as you are cooking your dinner or using them as a snack in front of the TV, all of this could be contributing to your stall in weight loss.

My advice: Limit your nut and seed intake to one handful per day which is roughly around 30-50g (depending on the size of your hands!).


Cream and Cheese:

Technically these are two separate foods but I put them together because these are the dairy options that I see so many people over consuming on! Again I am culprit number one for both of these.

For those of you that know me know that my favourite thing ever is an Americano with cream. The problem is I can have up to about 2-3 of these within a day. Now whilst cream is again technically allowed, if you keep adding a ton of it into your day, then it is all going to add up.

30mls (around 2tbsp) of double cream contains only 0.8g of carbohydrate. Great I hear you saying, that is low carb so means I can have a whole container within the day. Well on the flip side to this it also contains 133kcal and 14.3g of fat within it. Again, if you are someone that is looking to burn your own body fat for energy, then giving it too much fat from the diet can and will stop this. If you have up to 6tbsp per day (3 coffees) you could be adding in over 85g of fat and almost 400kcal. If you plug that into what your ratios are for the day, you can see how this may be affecting the weight loss plateau.

The same can also be said for cheese, predominantly if you use this to snack on. Adding in cheese to your meals is great, but if you also add in more cheese throughout the day as a snack then it can all add up.

My advice: Try having just 1 coffee per day with cream in it or even try going black if you can, even for one week and look at the difference it makes. With regards to the cheese I recommend that if you are in a bit of a plateau (or indeed looking to lose weight) limit your intake to 30g per day.


Take Home Message:

If you are experiencing a weight loss plateau, then start to look at all the little foods that you are having that could all be adding up. Are there any of the above foods, that if you are honest with yourself, you are probably having a little too much of?

I would love to hear from any of you that are experiencing a weight loss plateau. Either comment on this post below on what you have tried and what seems to working/not working. Or head over to my contact form and drop me an email directly.