The Top 3 Reasons LCHF May Not Be Working For You

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As we all know, losing weight isn’t necessarily a straight forward process. Often we need to look at our progress as a marathon and not a sprint. That being said, many people who adopt a low carbohydrate approach report that it doesn’t work for them. That they either fail to lose weight or they can even gain weight.

Now for a percentage of people this type of dietary approach may indeed not be right for them. However, when you start to peel back and really look at what they have been doing, there are often simple reasons as to why it has not been working.

1. You’re simply eating too much- At the end of the day, the amount of food (and so the calorie content) will matter at some point. There is a lot of noise on the internet about having to simply raise the fat intake in your diet if you aren’t losing weight. This is especially the advice that is often given for those following a ketogenic dietary approach. Whilst the exact amount to be taken in will vary from person to person, a lot of the time people are simply eating too much, especially too much fat. If you haven’t been losing weight or have in fact been gaining weight, it may be time to look at the quantity as well as the quality of your foods.

2. Carb creep- Initially when people start with this way of eating, I get them to keep a track of what they are eating. This not only lets you see what levels you are hitting but it also helps to teach the make-up of foods (i.e. protein, carbs and fats). After time, people generally learn what foods are higher in carbs and what are lower. However, with this can then bring a little complacency around what you are eating. Sometimes what happens is we then push the boundaries on what we can and cannot eat. For some people they will be able to tolerate a higher carbohydrate content that others. For others (generally those that are more insulin resistant) they will have to remain a lot stricter in order to reach and maintain their goals. By adding in that extra handful of nuts, or some more dairy, your carbohydrate content can slowly start to creep up. Checking in and sporadically tracking your food intake can really help to identify if this is what is happening to you.

3. Non-nutrition reasons- Whilst what you put into your body will obviously play a major role in losing or gaining weight, nutrition reason won’t always be the only thing to look at. Two common non-nutrition reasons for slow weight loss are chronic stress and poor sleep. Being chronically stressed causes the body to be in a constant state of flight or fight mode. This can result in certain hormones in the body being elevated such as cortisol. The same response happens when the body experiences a lack of sleep. All of this can result in an increase in hunger and enhance cravings, especially for sweet foods.

These are just some of the reasons that can impact on whether or not someone can be successful on following a low carbohydrate approach.

There really is a big difference between doing it right and doing it wrong.

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