Nutrition Coaching

It is my goal to work with as many people as possible to not only get them to a place of being healthy but to be able to maintain that through the use and the power of a low carbohydrate diet.

My approach will enable you to benefit from:

  • Cutting edge science broken down into a tangible way that can work for you in your life
  • Significant emotional support taking over full accountability for where you are at and helping you get to that place of dieting freedom
  • Unleashing the energy you were born with in order to achieve your goals and make your impact in the world

I would love the opportunity to work with you on your goals and I invite you to watch my video and read what my clients say about me.

What My Clients Say
  • I can highly recommend Emily Maguire as a nutritionist. I worked with her last year over a six week period and successfully achieved nutritional ketosis. As a nutritionist, she is kind, patient and encouraging and most importantly empowered me to re-establish self-discipline when it came to eating the right foods. With a down to earth attitude, she teaches that there is no such thing as perfect when it comes to eating and that we all must find a balance and healthy way forward that is achievable and effective. Her evidence-based knowledge is impressive and she was always willing to research questions that I had for her when it came to my specific health needs. She passed on some great “ lchf" recipes that I continue to use and she was also very flexible with her consultation times, adapting to my busy schedule. I encourage you to work with Emily. She’s fantastic and hugely supportive.

    Juliet 39, Wales
  • My dad and his new diet all seems to be going good there also, the recipes were a great help in giving him some new ideas and an understanding of what he should be eating and what he shouldn't be and the shopping list was a great help for me in throwing some other things in his shopping basket. Once again thank you for your time and knowledge with all of this Emily.

    Lesley 83, Scotland
  • Well I’m happily shocked I wasn’t going to measure and weigh this morning because I was sure it wouldn’t be good, but I did because we agreed I would. I’m now down 5kg and lost 5cm from my waist in the past 4 weeks. I’m very happy. It’s working!!!!

    Fiona 46, London
  • Working with Emily has been really inspiring; Emily’s warm personality and extensive knowledge have been the key factors that have contributed to my success so far. Having someone to turn to when things are not going too well and having someone to share success. My goal was to get back on track with my weight loss and overcoming emotional eating. Slow, steady and healthy weight loss, not putting myself under pressure. I am really satisfied with my results so far and grateful I decided to work with Emily.

    Thea 34, Luxemburg
  • My goal was to recover some degree of stability in my eating behaviour. I was lurching between a very low carb diet ,intermittent fasting to episodic overeating . I was also trying to maintain an exercise program at the same time. From the start Emily gave me a plan that encompassed an appropriate amount of varied food with a bias towards low carb and within a week I knew that working with Emily was just what I needed to regain stability. I really like her approach of modifying a plan to suit individual needs. Her approach is so clearly directed at the individual –that if there are any issues they are readily addressed. I think it sets the right balance between prescribing a plan and allowing too for individual variations and requirements. Without exaggeration ,I consider myself so lucky that Emily came into my orbit and rescued me from the chaos I had created for myself.

    Tess England